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How We Can Help

How We Can Help

We are a boutique creative agency providing branding, PR, marketing, web design and SEO, fundraising, and creative content to mission-driven organizations large and small, for-profit and nonprofit.

What We Do

See How Our Creative Solutions Help Your Business

What We Do

Tell your story, connect with your audience, promote your business – we help you communicate in new and competitive ways. Video, copywriting, public relations, SEO – we hone your message and get you(and your business) off the ground and mobilized. Don’t know the next step to take? We’re here to help. We can contract for your overall marketing efforts. Copy, video, marketing plans and more – Alchemy On Demand is a boutique creative agency here to work for you....

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Don't just take our word for it, take a look at what our customers have to say.

“Just wanted to thank you for helping us once again. Your writing made a difference in all four new candidates being successful.”

“Alchemy brings fresh, lucid coherence to complicated subjects, and communicates them so compellingly constituents are moved to action.”

“We contracted with Alchemy to raise the funds to cover a two-year, six-figure funding shortfall. In nine months, they delivered that and more.”

“Leslee has taken us to a new level of success. Any group or business that hires her will reap the rewards many times over what they pay her.”

“We now have the donor relationships and systems in place to cultivate a continuing source of funds to support our program growth.”

“Alchemy has helped shape the Viator brand into what it is today. There has never been a challenge they haven’t accepted. I highly recommend their services.”

“Leslee, your interview with Paul Chappell is one of the best interviews we’ve ever printed. I’m so glad to share his work with our readers.”

“Someone handed me a newspaper clipping from the Ventura Star about [my] upcoming event.  I love when that happens…. I know you are doing your work on my behalf!”

  • Paul Christiansen
  • Richard McCarthy IV
  • Jennifer Freed AHA! co-founder/co-director
  • Rebecca Robertson, executive director Domestic Violence Solutions for Santa Barbara County
  • Rendy Freedman
  • Katrina Sohriakoff
  • Sy Safransky
  • Rev. Karen S. Wylie

Meet Your Marketing Team

Over 60 Years of Combined Marketing Experience

Leslee Goodman

Leslee Goodman

Owner, Marketer, and PR Specialist

  • Public Relations 95%
  • Copywriting 100%
  • The High Jump 45%
Hudson Hornick

Hudson Hornick

Content Marketer, Copywriter, and SEO Hombre

  • Copywriting 95%
  • Internet Marketing 90%
  • Watercolor 35%
Micheal Parks

Micheal Parks

Movie Maker and Cinematographer

  • Directing 90%
  • Producing 100%
  • Cave Spelunking 52%
Erich Lyttle

Erich Lyttle

Movie Maker, Producer, and Stone Crusher Extraordinaire

  • Directing 100%
  • Cinematography 95%
  • Long Division 77%