Bing Becomes a Platform: Why You Care

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If you’re a content marketer or SEO expert, you’ve been paying attention to Bing recently. Bing has been on the climb, breaking 17% of the market share, to Google’s loss. Still, 17% may not be enough to raise some eyebrows, but keep an eye on Bing – that will change.

Microsoft just announced at its developer conference¬† that Bing will now also be a developer platform. What does that mean? That means that Bing will allow other developers to create apps for its products, and users will have the option of using them over Microsoft’s other notorious bloatware applications.

Bing deal you say (oh, the puns – I couldn’t resist) – but consider this: All Windows 8 operating systems ship with Bing as their default search engine. Then factor in that competent developers can now make useful apps to run on the Bing platform – and you’ve got some good competition going there.

It’s worth noting, anyway. Anyone want to take bets on Bing’s market share increasing in future months?

Hudson Hornick
Alchemy On Demand

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