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“Hi Everyone,

Today I want to talk to you about something that every marketer or small business owner should know how to do, and that’s how to install a bit of code into your website.

This is very useful knowledge, because it gives you familiarity with accessing your hosting files, as well as better knowledge of Wordpress.”

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Facebook Campaign Done Right

Posted By on Mar 3, 2014

Ever wonder what a proper Facebook Marketing Campaign looks like? Watch this video from Alzheimer Nederland. ALZHEIMER NEDERLAND – The Alzheimer’s Event [casefilm] 2m from N=5 on Vimeo. The video is a creative masterpiece, in which the campaign edits photos of people who were never at large events, then tags them so that they appear in their timeline. The caption reads something like: “Confused? This is what people...

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What’s up with video these days? Why does every other website open with a video? There are videos playing in stores…at the laundromat…even at the gas pump! What if I just want to scan a website for the information I’m looking for and read what I find, not wait for a &*!#@$%* video to load? Sorry about that, my Luddite friend. I too, am a reader, not a watcher, but times have changed. Today’s websites need video and...

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