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Copywriting has long been the black sheep of the marketing world. It’s a crucial part of the marketing process, but it’s tricky, and therefore many overlook copywriting as something that will take care of itself. Big mistake. Numerous studies have shown that small tweaks to your copy result in huge returns. Still, most don’t want to pay to have it done professionally, so how can you get away with writing copy that...

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Let me present a situation to you:

You’re blogging away, creating all this great content, and you’ve been at it for months yet nobody has seemed to turn into a regular follower. Your email #’s remain low, as does your traffic.

What gives?

If your content is good and

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Video Transcript:

“Hi Everyone,

Today I want to talk to you about something that every marketer or small business owner should know how to do, and that’s how to install a bit of code into your website.

This is very useful knowledge, because it gives you familiarity with accessing your hosting files, as well as better knowledge of Wordpress.”

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As a marketer and blogger, your visuals and your text are going to matter a lot. You have, on average, 8 seconds to persuade your audience to take some course of action. When it comes to your website or blog copy, that 8 seconds is trying to get the visitor to either read more, click on something, or enter some of their information.

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