Copywriting Case Study

Copywriting Case Study

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Our associate, Hudson Hornick, is a regular freelancer for the multinational corporation Viator. He handles a regular blog for them, as well as helps edit for SEO and various assignments regarding copywriting services and content creation.

Below is an excerpt of some of his work.


Best Places to Grab a Coffee in Seattle

Seattle is famous for three things: good coffee, good music, and bad weather (unless you‘re an evergreen pine, that is). Luckily, the sleepless city does the first two exceptionally well. And when you want nothing more than to dodge the rain and wind, curl up next to a fire, and sip a piping hot cup of delicious coffee, well, there are few places in the world better than Seattle to do it.

One of Seattle’s most praised spots is Espresso Vivace on 532 E. Broadway. Known for delicious coffees and espresso lattes that transcend beverage status and become near works of art, Espresso Vivace has got everyone happy and properly caffeinated. Additional bonus? Bite-sized shortbreads for a quarter. Grab a handful.

Le Panier over in Pike Place Market has also got its fair share of devoted followers. A welcome retreat from the busy atmosphere of the bustling market, this French bakery allows people to sip their mochas and nibble their rich buttery croissants and watch the passing parade with the peace that is found in a warm cup of joe. Find your respite over on 1902 Pike Place.

Over on the corner of 13th Ave South and South Albro Place, Hanger Café is doing its bit to keep the corners of funky-eclectic Georgetown on the map for the coffee-loving crowd. This cozy nook is known not just for its coffee, however, but its mainstay – good eating. Try the pumpkin waffles or the crepes with your choice of filling for a truly triumphant coffee retreat. But be careful – the nook fills up quick, so do your best to see the spot before the dinner rush fills it in and enjoy the finer things that Seattle has to offer – even if it is raining outside.