Google Changes Search Results to Better Serve In-Depth Articles

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Google announced today that it’s changing its search results to help provide better search results that tailor to more in-depth articles. According to research, up to 10% of user’s daily needs involve learning about a broad topic. We’ve written before about how content length affects search results, and this additional change in the way Google is doing business only serves to emphasize that point.

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Take-home – if you’re going to be writing articles about a topic, you should make the content useful – the more useful the better. Your more-useful content has a higher chance of showing up better in the search rankings, and your customers will be more engaged with your articles. A win-win.

Google also suggested several other good practices that will help Google recognize more in-depth articles – markup being the key. About helping your articles be recognized, Google suggests the following:

-use “article” markup,
-provide authorship markup,
rel=next and rel=prev for paginated articles (also watch out for common rel=canonical mistakes),
-provide information about your organization’s logo,
-and of course, create compelling in-depth content.

Hope that helps, and happy blogging!

Hudson Hornick
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