How To Add Google Authorship to Your Blog

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You’re probably familiar with the Google Authorship, even if you didn’t know its name. It looks something like this:

Google Authorship Screenshot

Adding Google Authorship to your website is an easy SEO bump, and it helps make your website look more professional. It also does wonders for your credibility.

Specifically, Google Authorship does the following for your seo:

  1. Author markups are a trust indicator for Google users and the Google algorithm.
  2. Google uses the author’s credibility as a ranking factor.
  3. Authors who are verified will be trusted more and given more authority, and will rank higher in searches

Additionally, on a basic level,  people want to link a name with a face, and it helps you stand out in search listings.

It’s a lot easier than it looks, I promise!


First step: get a Google+ profile.

Complete your profile as well as you can. This includes adding a clear picture of yourself and making sure that your Google+ name matches your author name. Filling out a complete profile is worth your time for multiple reasons, so do your best to make it as accurate as possible.

When you’re filling out your profile, make sure that you go to your About tab

Google Authorship About

and be sure to add the blog to which you’d like Google Authorship to appear for under your Contributor to tab.

Like this:

Google Authorship Contributor To


From there, Google has to confirm that you really are a contributor to that site. You can do this any of a number of ways.

The easiest is probably email verification. If you have an email address at the website you’re a contributor to, you can register with an easy signup form here. Google will send you a confirmation email and every time you publish something, just be sure to sign-off with your name as it appears in you Google Profile.

Easy, eh?

Other Ways of Confirming your Authorship

  1. Another way to go about confirming your Google Authorship is to go over to your WordPress site and add a link to your Google+ profile in your <head> section of your website.
    This link needs the rel=author code: <link rel=”author” href=””/>You can put this link in the bio section of your guest posts or at the bottom of your WordPress blog posts or other places if you don’t have access to your WordPress header code.If you link your name, the code should look like this: <a href=>Your First and Last Name on Google+</a>
  2. Plugins like WP SEO Booster make certain steps of search engine optimization easy, and in this instance help with Google Authorship, but you still have to have your Google+ profile filled out as mentioned above.


And that’s it! Before you run off and start telling everyone about your new-found authorship, be sure to test your code by using Google’s Rich Snippets Testing Tool.

Happy blogging!

-Hudson Hornick
Alchemy On Demand


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