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As a marketer and blogger, your visuals and your text are going to matter a lot. You have, on average, 8 seconds to persuade your audience to take some course of action. When it comes to your website or blog copy, that 8 seconds is trying to get the visitor to either read more, click on something, or enter some of their information.

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It’s a common problem in the nonprofit sector: you’ve got limited funds for programs and a waiting list out the door. Seeing as programs are the means through which you fulfill your mission, you immediately funnel money into them and let the fundraising side of your business (and it is a business, albeit a nonprofit one) starve.

Dan Pallotta, the founder of Advertising for Humanity and a frequent blogger on nonprofits for the Harvard Business Review, says this is exactly the opposite of what you should be doing.


Starving fundraising is like putting Hercules on rations. How’s he supposed to do the heavy-lifting for you, when he’s under-nourished? He may struggle valiantly for a while, but eventually he’ll collapse.

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