What Our Clients Say

As marketing and communications director at the Greater New Orleans Foundation, I’ve had the pleasure of working with Leslee on numerous projects. There is a lot of jargon in the foundation field, and Leslee cuts through it all to provide concise, poetic, and memorable copy. I often write her and say, help, we need your pixie dust, and what she returns is simply gold.

– Martha Landrum, vice president, marketing and communications, Greater New Orleans Foundation


“The copy you wrote was the best Ive seen in five years. Your word choices and styling were sophisticated, prestigious. Without any compass or GPS you were already getting the destination. I thought, Wow, this could really be a match. This could work. You can put that on your website. You can write any testimonial you like and put my name to it.”

-Berny Dohrmann, founder/chairman, CEO Space International


“Leslee, we are in awe of your ability to make sense of all that information and craft it down into something short, readable, and compelling! Strong, energetic, we love it!

-Paula Mestayer, M.Ed., founder
Springfield Wellness Center


“Leslee, your conversation with Paul Chappell is one of the best interviews weve ever printed. Im so glad to share his work with our readers.

-Sy Safransky, founder and publisher
The Sun magazine


“Very few writers can take the jumble of ideas and actions that represent our work and then translate them into a coherent message. Like a shaman who can straddle the worlds, Alchemy brings fresh, lucid coherence to complicated subjects and communicates them so compellingly, constituents are moved to action.

-Richard McCarthy IV, executive director
Economics Institute, marketumbrella.org


“We contracted with Alchemy to raise the funds to cover a two-year, six-figure funding shortfall. In nine months, they delivered that and more. We now have the donor relationships and systems in place to cultivate a continuing source of funds to support our program growth.

-Jennifer Freed and Rendy Freedman, co-founders/co-directors
Academy of Healing Arts


“Just wanted to thank you for helping us once again. Your writing made a difference in all four new candidates being successful.

-Paul Christiansen, account executive
LeBlanc & Schuster


“We worked with Alchemy On Demand from 2003 through 2008, and they were an invaluable resource to us. Their expertise in writing, professionalism, and integrity, not to mention the excellent quality of their work, has changed the face of our organization. Alchemy has taken us to a new level of success in grant funding and in public awareness through media relations. Any group or business that hires them will reap the rewards many times over what they pay them.

-Rebecca Robertson, executive director
Domestic Violence Solutions for
Santa Barbara County