Google Confirms Anti-Guest Blogging Policy by Penalizing

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Matt Cutts, head of Google’s spam control team, announced today (March 19th, 2014) that it had taken action against the large guest blog network,

The specific reason remains unclear, but Ann Smarty, the site’s owner, confirmed this on Twitter today:

Ann Smarty Tweet

Google has said for a while now that they’ll be actively pursuing shutting down the popular network-building method of guest blogging due to it’s increasingly spammy nature, but this is the first big hit of its kind.

The move will likely have people scrambling because Guest Blogging is a popular method of not only networking, but of traffic generation. It’s a tried and true method, but became increasingly spammy due to lack of quality content and the generation of too much spam.

MyBlogGuest Homepage

MyBlogGuest Homepage

Still, that’s not to say that Guest Blogging is dead – like anything in the SEO world, you just have to be wise about how you use it. Consider your site a publishing house. You accept work from contributors, right? You just have to be careful about the caliber of the work your outputting.

MyBlogGuest got hit because it was a large hub of guest bloggers, meaning that it connected a lot of blogs with bloggers. Too many were engaging in bad content creation and spammy practices, so Google took action. This DOES NOT MEAN that you have to stop guest blogging. If anything, MyBlogGuest should revisit it’s quality guidelines, not it’s whole structure.

So, for the record:

If you guest blog and are producing quality content, you will be fine. MyBlogGuest connected MANY guest blogs together, and my best guess would be that they hit critical mass and tilted the scale of bad content enough to get Google’s SPAM team’s attention.

What do you think? Do you think it’s fair that Google penalize MyBlogGuest?

For more info, read Matt Cutts’s Article on Guest Blogging here.



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