Paul Chappell Interview in The Sun

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Paul Chappell is a peace activist, friend, and client of Alchemy On Demand. As a client, Chappell was featured in an interview by Leslee Goodman for the well-regarded print publication, The Sun Magazine.

In this article, Paul Chappell talks about being a West Point graduate, a soldier, and the various mentalities that pervade our army and our country. His bold stance on what security means in this country, the military as a socialist institution, and how our roles as peace-loving people are best enacted in an active manner are stirring.

This type of print publication and national exposure coupled with a personal approach is what makes Alchemy On Demand Santa Barbara’s public relations and communications firm for 20+ years. We pride ourselves in the work that we do and the clients we choose to take-on. Whether it’s a national print publication or a simple local media campaign you’re after, we want to highlight  work that makes a difference.

Leslee Goodman has a longstanding relationship with The Sun Magazine as a regular contributor. If you’d like to see more of her work for The Sun, please click here.

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