Paul Chappell PBS Interview

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Iraq War veteran Paul Chappell is a soldier-turned-peace leader. The 2002 West Point graduate served in the U.S. Army for seven years, including in Iraq as a captain, and has since been focused on the need to end war. Currently peace leadership director for the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, he speaks all over the U.S. at colleges, high schools and churches and to veterans groups and activist organizations.  If you’re not familiar with Paul Chappell, you can familiarize yourself with his work, as he’s author of three books: Peaceful Revolution, The End of War, and Will War Ever End?

In this interview Paul Chappell outlines the hypocrisy of American politics, the price of “spreading freedom” and what it means to be patriotic. A great interview both on Chappell’s end and on Tavis Smiley’s.

See the PBS interview here.

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