Stories Can Change The World

Especially when told with a little Alchemy

We are a creative storytelling agency serving mission-driven organizations, large and small, for-profit and nonprofit. We believe that stories matter: they inform, inspire, and help us make sense of data and experience.

In contrast to many agencies and production companies, we operate with minimal overhead. Rather than maintain an army of creatives and support personnel working fulltime, we bring in our trusted collaborators only when a client or project needs their particular skills.

Leslee Goodman is our founder and principal. A storyteller all her professional life, she began in print and has evolved into digital media, content creation, and film/video production. Her most recent projects are the award-winning documentaries, “Twisp: The Power of Community” (2019) and the “The Doctrine of Recovery” (2023).

Leslee Goodman

Chris Eklund is our go-to web builder. He’s the engineer behind and a senior software developer and digital strategist with more than 20 years of experience in the analysis, design and development of software and systems.

Chris Eklund

Anthony Stengel, of Stengel Media, is an award-winning filmmaker, cinematographer, and professional drone pilot, whose skills are on display in our most recent project, “The Doctrine of Recovery.”

Another of his projects, a PBS short called “Dying Light,” was recently nominated for an Emmy in the Arts and Entertainment category! Way to go, Anthony!

Anthony Stengel

Jackie Goodman is a communications strategist, wordsmith, and graphic designer who especially excels in elegant, accessible designs for print communications: annual reports, coffee table books, brochures, display ads, and even conference displays.

Jackie Goodman

What We Do

Our mission is telling the stories of people who are passionate about their work–through branding, marketing, web design, blog post creation, emails, newsletters, magazines, press releases, videos, commercials, annual reports, and all forms of communication. When you want your message to yield gold, trust Alchemy.

Samples of our recent work


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