Video Storytelling & Production

Video communications have become so important that YouTube is now the world’s second-largest search engine. Not only do you need videos on your website, but corporate videos have become one of the most successful forms of advertising. Do music videos sell music? You bet they do! The most popular music videos also convince radio programmers to play the songs, generating more music sales. Do videos inspire donors? You bet they do! From the dramatic stories that inspire fundraising to whiteboard meeting openers to full-length documentaries–and yes, music videos–Alchemy can handle your video needs with style.

Check out our video library, which includes the award-winning documentaries The Doctrine of Recovery and Twisp: The Power of Community, wildfire survivors’ stories that helped a recovery group raise millions of dollars, fundraising event celebrations, donor thank-yous, and more. You’ll see why video can be the most compelling way to reach your audience.

Doctrine of Recovery

Twisp Movie

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